Top 7 Best Prams for Babies in India

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Prams are essential items for the arrival of a baby. These allow the little one to be comfortable and safe while he goes for a walk with his parents. Thus, parents will have greater freedom of movement. In the market, the options are multiple for prams for babies. Hence the choice of the baby pram or stroller online can be complicated, Ideally, the model should suit the family’s lifestyle and budget. 

Tips While Buying The Best Prams for Babies in India

Before selecting the best prams for babies in India, ask yourself some questions is it the right size for the boot or for taking public transport?

  • Is folding easy and comfortable?
  • Do you have the accessories I need?

3-in-1 prams are very popular. They include a carrycot, maxi-cosi (a kind of egg with a handle for transfers), and a pram. These are evolutionary models. A good pram should incorporate certain basic accessories. Among them, we find the rain bubble, the mosquito net, or the storage basket.

Best Prams for Babies in India

What exactly is a pram?

In general, the pram consists of a chassis (consisting of the legs and wheels) and a carrycot. The carrycot is the cubicle where the baby will be located, while the chassis is commonly foldable. By enjoying this quality, the size of the chassis is greatly reduced. 

Recommendation – Best Prams for Babies in India

In this article, we recommended top-selling prams to you. people who are interested to buy these prams and many parents are satisfied with these products.

Chicco Echo Pram with Bumper Bar
1Our Pick
Chicco Echo Pram with Bumper Bar (Red, Scarlet)

Modern design, Wide seat, 4 adjustable positions, Lightweight and agile, Easy to handle, Easy to store and carry.

LuvLap Sunshine Stroller Pra
2Best Seller
Luvlap Sunshine Baby Pram

5-point safety harness, Reversible handlebar, 3 position Seat recline for baby’s comfort, Carrying Capacity up to 15 kgs.

R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Multi-Color Baby Pram
3Save Extra with 2 offers
R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Multi-Color Baby Pram

Pram with Easy Fold for Newborn Baby, Stylish Easy Foldable and Carry, 3 Position Recline, Reversible Handle, 5 Point Safety Harness.

Affordable Sunbaby Angel Baby Pram
4Save 29% Rating 4.5
Affordable Sunbaby Angel Baby Pram

Pram for New Born, Thick Cushion seat, Reversible Handle, Mosquito Net, Canopy Umbrella, Swivel Wheels with soft Suspension.

Best LuvLap Galaxy Pram
5Save 12%, Rating 4.2
Luvlap Galaxy Baby Pram

Extra Large Seating Space, Easy To Fold and Store, Best for Newborn Baby, Kids for 0-3 Years.

Premium Graco Light Weight LX Stroller
6Save 26% , Rating 4.2
Graco LiteRider LX Baby Stroller

Foldable Lightweight Travel Pram, perfect Pram for moms on-the-go, Large storage basket, Click Connect system provides a one-step.

R for Rabbit Stylish Pram for Kids
7Save 23%, Rating 4.3
R for Rabbit Stylish Pram for Kids

Front Wheels and Suspension, Reversible Handle, Welcome to the Fold, One step link brake to lock

Up to what age is the pram indicated?

The baby pram is indicated to use by newborns. Typically, it is used exclusively for up to six or eight months. They are very practical items for those first months in which the baby sleeps most of the time. After half a year of life, it is usually replaced by a pram.

It is at six months, more or less, when the baby can support his head by himself. It would then be time to move to a pram so that he can familiarize himself with the environment. It is worth mentioning the evolutionary prams, that is, those that are convertible and accompany the little one in their growth.

What are the trio prams?

Trio or 3-in-1 prams have become a favorite choice for many parents. The advantage of these products is that they respond to the needs of the child for up to three or four years. It consists of a chassis, designed to fit both a carrycot and a pram, and a maxi-cosi.

Thus, when the little one has already passed his first half-year of life, he would change the carrycot for the seat. This means greater savings because you would not have to buy new items at each stage. The maxi-cosi (an egg-shaped chair) is very useful when traveling by car. For its part, the pram usually supports up to 15 kg of weight.

Are there any regulations that regulate prams?

In the case of children’s products, it is vital that they meet the required safety requirements. This means that it is essential to make sure that the pram complies with the legislation.  In addition to verifying the existence of this distinctive, it will be necessary to verify that the pram has the corresponding fasteners. Of course, the braking system must be easy to activate and, above all, fast.

What accessories are essential in a pram?

The range of accessories is enormous. Your decision will be based on each family’s needs. There are accessories that come with the pram itself, while others can be purchased separately. One of the essentials is the hood, ideal to face any inclement weather. Much better if it is waterproof.

A very necessary accessory is also the rain bubble, that is, a plastic that covers the entire pram. Especially for the warmer days of summer, a mosquito net could be another accessory to consider. Finally, it is convenient that the pram has a storage basket to store the baby’s belongings.

Is a 3 or 4-wheel pram better?

Traditionally, prams have 4 wheels. However, there is a proliferation of 3-wheelers for a while now. See more information and images of the best prams for babies in India above the table. The wheels of the latter are usually larger, as well as the prams themselves. The distribution of the same in these models is usually two rear wheels and one front.

The advantage of 3-wheel prams is that they are more manageable. Also, they usually have a large lower space to store the baby’s supplies. As a drawback, they tend to be heavier and larger than conventional models. 4-wheel prams are generally more stable.

Purchase Criteria: Selecting the best prams for babies in India for your baby can be a daunting task. The variety of models, designs, and features on the market are immense – Hence, it is best to take into account various factors.

Next, we talk about the most important purchase criteria to consider when purchasing a pram.

  1. Dimensions
  2. Security
  3. Wheel
  4. Creased
  5. Comfort

Dimensions: When selecting a pram it is vital to assess what its dimensions are. If you live in a house with an elevator, see if it fits. Also, make sure that it is suitable for the trunk of your car or for traveling by public transport. Depending on how spacious the streets in your neighborhood are, one model or another will suit you.

Security: Of course, check that it has the corresponding retention systems, as well as braking. Ideally, there are no loose or dangerous parts for the baby.

Wheel: You can select a pram with 3 or 4 wheels. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. While the 3-wheel models are more manageable, the 4-wheel models provide greater stability. It is recommended that the wheels should be multidirectional – It is essential that the brakes respond quickly when activated.

Creased: The effectiveness of the folding will influence the comfort when moving the pram from one place to another. Ideally, the model offers a compact fold to store it in the trunk, for example. It is essential that it is effortless and can be done with one hand. Many times you will have only one free arm when you hold the baby with the other.

Comfort: The comfort of the child will be largely determined by the materials of manufacture and fabrics. Bet on the upholstery that is waterproof and padded, so that the baby feels like in his crib. It is desirable to have a removable cover and therefore be washable – Therefore, hygiene will be appropriate.

Conclusion Of The Best Prams for Babies in India

When it comes to buying a children’s item, you shouldn’t skimp. Hence, choosing the right pram requires spending a little time evaluating the different aspects. Not only aesthetics are important, but also other factors such as dimensions, weight, or comfort. Our ranking will make the decision easier for you.

Remember that a pram is an element that the baby will use from the first moments of life. For this reason, it is imperative that she meets the appropriate safety and comfort requirements. We are listing the best prams for babies in India checkout before buying. It will be an item that she will wear for only a few months, so you might be interested in opting for evolutionary models, these will accompany you longer.

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