Top 10 Best Tricycle for 2 Year Old India

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Tricycle is the best sport or activity to help toddlers learn mobility skills. In addition, they can also improve self-confidence, stability, hand-eye coordination, and increase the strength of the child’s leg muscles.

In this article, we suggest the top 10 best tricycle for 2 year old India. In order to help the right choice, we have provided a few factors to consider when buying a tricycle. 

  • Design type-push or big wheel 
  • Wheels

Other factors to consider are the backrest, seat belts, handlebars, and brakes. Detailed information is provided in our “Buying Guide” for your reference. In addition, we have prepared a list of the best tricycle for 2 year old India to simplify the purchase process.

buy best tricycle for 2 year old India, Baybee Breeze 2 in 1 Kids Tricycle

1. Baybee Breeze 2 in 1 Kids Tricycle

  • Suitable For Babies from Aged 6 Months Right Up To 5 Years
  • Adult Steer & Stroll Adjustable Push Handle For More Safety and Controls
  • More Comfortable
  • Foldable Pedal
  • Plug & Play Wheels
  • Good Shock Absorption

Baybee Breeze Pro 2 in 1 tricycle is our first product on our review list. It comes with two color options one is yellow and the second is Orange. This model best for boys & girls both, find out the best details below.

Key Features:

Safety 1ST: Baby will have the most comfortable ride with safety so you don’t have to worry about your small, adult steer and stick adjustable push handle. A high backrest can make children feel safe during riding.

Installation: Essay to installation and you can assemble this tricycle within 5 minutes.

Plug & Play Wheels: Baybee Breeze pro comes with strong absorption, solid wheels, and 3-grade height adjustable systems. You can adjust the back wheel according to your baby’s needs.

Age: According to the manufacturer’s minimum suggested age is 18 months and right up to 5 years, due to the 2 in 1 design.

Maximum Weight:  Baybee Breeze Pro 2 in 1 Kid tricycle maximum weight carried capacity is up to 30 kilograms.

Cycle Pedals: This model comes with foldable pedals and protects your baby’s feet when the baby not swing or when pushing the cycle, also can be helpful when the baby ride independently.

Canopy: Removable canopy provides an alternative option to protect your children from UV or enjoy the sunlight. Trendy push bar for directional control.

  • 2-in-1 Convertible Function
  • Certified as per European Standard
  • Foldable Footrest & Easy to Assemble
  • Some people facing delay product delivery
best tricycle for 2 year old india, Buy Affordable JoyRide Metal Tricycle India

2. Buy Affordable JoyRide Metal Tricycle India

  • It can be used from 1 Yr to 5 Yrs of a Child’s age
  • It can support up to 25 kg of weight
  • A company offering Comfortable Seat with Safety Belts
  • A child does not need to pedal
  • A child can sit back and relax during the ride
  • It comes with storage baskets

This colorful tricycle is lightweight, very easy to use with a smooth body, and has strong wheels that ensure effortless movement. It includes a parent push handle that is adjustable, and easily removable! 

The attached seat is spacious and agreeable, which helps the child to sit with comfort throughout their ride! Moreover, the seats also ensure protection with strapped safety belts and a 2-point Safety harness to secure your child! 

This is traditionally a paddle tricycle, allowing the children to pedal firmly for a safe and smooth ride!

  • This product grows with your child! It can be utilized for ages 1-5 years easily! It supports up to 25kg weight making the product stable and sturdy!
  • It also has storage baskets to keep necessary items easily and take them along with the ride.
  • The included footrest gives the child extra comfort for easy riding!
  • Best tricycle for 2 year old India
  • The product is hard to assemble and it lacks a proper guiding manual.
  • The quality of the baskets is questioned.
Best Fun Ride Charlie Tricycles for Kids of 2-4 Years, best tricycle for 2 year old india

3. Fun Ride Charlie Foldable Tricycles

  • Lorem ipsum, or Lipsum as it is sometimes
  • Ideal for kids of age – 2 years to 4 years
  • Suitable for both boys and girls
  • Weight capacity – up to 18 kg
  • This baby tricycle is made up of strong non-toxic harmless abs plastic
  • Great gift – it is an ideal present for your kids’ birthday

This baby cycle, made up of strong and sturdy non-toxic plastic, is ideal for kids aging between 2-4 years. It includes a comfortable curved seat to make sure your child has a smooth ride.

With a weight capacity of up to 18 kg, it also includes fun music and lights on the handle, which makes the ride more enjoyable!

  • This tricycle comes semi-assembled, and can be set up quite easily!
  • It is foldable, making it easy to store and carry!
  • With a sturdy structure, the quality of the tricycle is highly commendable
  • Best tricycle for 2 year old India
  • The pedal is placed too low for comfort and poses a safety risk if only a slight one.
  • The product is too small for long term usage
Goyal's Rambo Style Baby Tricycle with Music and Lights,  best tricycle for 2 year old india

4. Goyal’s Rambo Style Baby Tricycle with Music and Lights

  • Mr. Rambo Tri Cycle for kids with music and lights on handle
  • Goyal’s Rambo Style Baby Tricycle with Music and Lights
  • Ideal for Boys & Girls and best usage Age is 1 – 3 years
  • Easy to assemble & comfortable seat
  • Tricycle can be easily folded with a push button

This beautiful baby tricycle includes attractive music and lights! It’s made of stable and unbreakable ABS plastic. This product is made with special attention to balance, to provide children with the utmost safety and security.

Ideal for kids aged 1- 4 years, this tricycle ensures a joyous and fun ride! Moreover, it helps in developing fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, and induces balancing skills! It requires 2 AA batteries, and its approximate dimensions are 60 X 43 X 40 cms

  • This tricycle is easily foldable with a push of a button, making it convenient to store anywhere!
  • Its simple structure is beautiful and safe, with a comfortable seat. 
  • It can be assembled with particular ease!
  • It’s affordable and simple value for money!
  • It does not include proper safety seat belts
  • Customer reviews question the quality of the product and that it is not completely steady.
  • Best tricycle for 2 year old India
LuvLap Elegant Kids Tricycle for 2 to 5 Years, best tricycle for 2 year old india

5. LuvLap Elegant Kids Tricycle for 2 to 5 Years

  • Certified as per European standard en 71 safety standards
  • It comes with a full metal frame
  • A company offering 2-in-1 convertible function with foldable footrest with safety belts
  • Adjustable parent push bar with a handle
  • Front & rear baskets I foldable footrest I easy to assemble
  • Recommended age: 1.5 to 5 years and weight: 25 kgs

LuvLap Joy kids tricycle is the second tricycle in our list, it comes with anti-slip pedals and a full metal frame find out the best key features below.

Key Features

  • Certifications – LuvLap joy kid’s tricycle qualifies for all safety tests and is certified by European standard EN71.
  • Safety First – This model comes with a safety belt and helps to secure kids as well as keeps the baby safe from falling.
  • Strong Wheels – The Company offers front and back premium and high-quality AVA wheels. Which gives safety when kids ride.
  • Adjustable Seat – According to baby height, you can adjust cycle seats up to two positions.
  • Cycle Baskets – LuvLap Joy Tricycle comes with two baskets one installed in the front site and the second installed rear side. This basket is useful when the baby carried some essentials.
  • Age – The best-recommended usage age is 2 up to 5 years and the carrying capacity is 25 kilograms.

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List Of Best Tricycle For 2 Year Old India

Product Image



Buy Link

Lado Baby Bullet Rider Tricycle


Luusa RX-500 Baby Tricycle with Parental Control


JoyRide Three Wheels Pedal Buggy


JoyRide with 3 Wheels with Safety Harness


R for Rabbit Tiny Toes Baby Tricycle

Baybee Breeze 2 in 1 Kids Tricycle

Baybee Breeze 2 in 1 Kids Tricycle

Buy Affordable JoyRide Metal Tricycle India

Buy Affordable JoyRide Metal Tricycle India

Best Fun Ride Charlie Tricycles for Kids of 2-4 Years

Best Fun Ride Charlie Tricycles for Kids of 2-4 Years

Goyal's Rambo Style Baby Tricycle with Music and Lights

Goyal's Rambo Style Baby Tricycle with Music and Lights

LuvLap Elegant Kids Tricycle for 2 to 5 Years

LuvLap Elegant Kids Tricycle for 2 to 5 Years


Tricycle Buying Guide:

Tricycles Design: There are two different designs of tricycles-push and big wheels. Push tricycles are more suitable for kids under 1 year old. Because they have handles for parents to push (this is something similar to a baby stroller).

The big wheels are suitable for kids between 2.5 and 5 years old because they are responsible for learning to paddle by themselves. 

Wheels: Most tricycles are equipped with rubber wheels. The size of these wheels varies from cycle to cycle. Big wheels can provide adequate support when driving on bumpy and uneven roads. The small wheels may roll on uneven surfaces, so they are only suitable for indoor cycling.

Backrest & Handlebar 

Backrest: When riding a tricycle, the backrest can provide enough support for the kid. In addition, this prevents them from falling off. Because it supports the back, your child will enjoy riding for a long time. 

Handlebar: They are made of rubber or foam. When riding a bicycle, it can provide enough grip for both hands. The foam will be better because it will absorb sweat and grip more comfortably. 

Brakes & Seat Belt 

Brake: This is a very important aspect of a tricycle because it can make your child stop or monitor movement to ensure safety. Most tricycles have brakes on the handlebars. However, some expensive models have dual brake systems to improve safety. 

Seat Belt: Few tricycles in India are equipped with seat belts and straps. If possible, we recommend that you choose these models, because they can protect your child and will not fall off while riding. This ensures that the child stays remains seated in the same position.

Warranty & Price

The warranty: determines the quality, safety, and durability of the tricycle. Most tricycle manufacturers in India provide a warranty of 1 to 3 years. Higher warranty, better product quality. During this period, you can also repair or replace it for free.

Price: Investing in tricycles is a one-time and important choice. It can ensure that the baby improves motor skills. Security is one of the key aspects to consider when analyzing prices.

Higher prices, better safety, quality, and durability. Make sure to purchase a model with an affordable budget and the best security measures.

Wrapping Up These – Best Tricycle for 2 Year Old India

Buying a tricycle for your child will bring a lot of emotions. This may be the first time you see your child riding a tricycle and teach them to ride a bicycle with lots of emotions and fun. Well, when choosing the best product, keep in mind the details of the buying guide.

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