Lixo The Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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Lixo Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Are you looking for the closest thing in your personal space that could give you a relaxing massage? Though there are a lot of hand and spot massagers in the market they still keep you busy in operating. The idea of getting a massage is to feel relaxed and enjoy the exercise happening, so the best option is to opt for a massage chair.

After a long hectic day everyone deserves a perfect relaxing massage, but visiting the masseuse frequently is not feasible and costs a lot. Simply having the best massage chair in your home can solve the problem of a quick massage between work.

There are a variety of massage chairs available each has a different price and different features, buying a massage chair is a big investment in both financial terms and the space it occupies in your home. Though massage chairs give your comfort and are engaging but choosing a perfect one can be challenging.

Out of the different and various massage chairs, we have tested a number of these chairs some of these have very little vibration, knead or have any of the cryptic features such as chromotherapy or air ionization. Our testing has concluded on getting an ideal choice of the best massage chair from the Lixo Massage Chair.

So to help you get a perfect and indulging automatic massage chair in your home space which can be the best buy for anyone who desires a relaxing massage.

Lixo The Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Your Best Health Partner

Lixo Electric Massage Chair

Lixo is a full-body automatic massage chair for stress relief, the touch and relaxes method gives a classic massage experience with a foot roller.

It has two kinds of zero gravity:

Zero Gravity 1 – This allows you to adjust the leg position to 126 degrees + 7 degrees to distribute weight evenly into the whole body through the recliner.

Zero Gravity 2 – Allows adjusting the legs at a higher position from the ground to set the body position in a flat zero-gravity posture.

There Are 6 Automatic Massage Procedures:

Exercise & Recovery mode – for relaxing and recovering after a heavy workout session.

Body Stimulator – for a full-body push back and forth activity to relax the nervous system.

Work Decompression – for getting a quick relaxing session after a hard-working day.

Shoulder and neck massage – for reducing stress on the shoulder and neck if you are a person working on n computer long day.

Spine massage – gives a reshaping to the spine if you have the habit of bending the core while you sit.

Sleeping accelerator – this session is designed specifically for people with sleeping problems to get a fast sleep.

L-track expands for high-performing massage covering the neck and shoulder all the way down to the waist and thighs area.

S-track matches the body curve for a full-body flow. The chair provides a soft touch feel when you just sit and spend time without even activating the massager.

The Lixo Zero gravity massage chair is loaded with customization features, one of the best portable and high-quality massage chairs suitable for home as well as the workplace.

Manual Customization features

It is your massage spa, it allows you to customize your massages if you are not satisfied with the fixed massages for a full body. The footrest has an underfoot roller for stress relief foot massage.

It is designed with an Anti-pinch feature with a Graphene thermostat hot compress for advanced heating technology to get warm in 10 seconds for relieving pain. The airbags designed all around the massage chair use the flapping and kneading method while expanding and contracting for a warm press.

What Is A Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Best Lixo Massage Chair

Zero gravity is a technique first developed by NASA for their astronaut training program. Zero gravity in a massage chair has a movable footrest for allowing your knees to extend and elevate your feet towards the heart.

This position gives a weightless feeling and takes the pressure off your spine and improves circulation. The same technology is been used in the Lixo zero gravity massage chair, for two-level of zero gravity.

Benefits of Lixo Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Lixo Massage Chair reclines your body to distribute the body weight throughout the massage chair helping your body and muscles to relax and reducing the stress that your body holds in the neck, shoulder, spine, and waist.

Using a zero gravity massage chair regularly can help in enhancing blood circulation throughout the body, alleviate arthritis pain, or can even reduce the symptoms of varicose veins. The improved blood flow throughout the body helps in reducing the swelling of veins in the body and enhances the skin quality.

The zero gravity massage chair benefits those who have breathing problems while sitting or lying down, zero gravity position holds the body up making it feel lightweight and open airways. For people suffering from asthma or sleep apnea, this massage chair can help improve their condition.

Conclusion of Best Lixo Massage Chair India

Lixo is indeed the best zero gravity massage chair, with multi-level massage therapies like hard kneading, soft kneading, malaxation, rollback, tapping, shaistu, back position, and massage speed adjustment. The Lixo massage chair is covered with 2 years on-site warranty, the highest warranty coverage for a personal use massage chair in the industry. This zero gravity massage chair pulls on a revolution in the category of massage chairs.


Q. What is the zero gravity feature in massage chairs?

Lixo zero gravity massage chair offers a rolling footrest and reclines your body by elevating your knees above your heart in a more relaxing position.

Q. Why have a zero gravity massage chair?

A zero gravity massage chair takes the pressure off the spine and helps in improving blood circulation and relaxes the neck, back, and shoulder making you feel very lightweight.

Q. How much does a zero gravity massage chair cost?

The Lixo zero gravity massage chair is quality equipment that costs around Rs. 1,25,000. Be careful while choosing any zero gravity massage chair at cheap prices as they may pull in extra maintenance costs.

Q. Who can use a zero gravity massage chair?

Zero gravity massage chairs are designed to be used by adults of any age.

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