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The cold winter may not allow trees and plants to bloom outdoors, but this is the month when the glory of the Christmas tree illuminates the indoor atmosphere. Not surprisingly, all kinds of artificial Christmas trees are available on the online market. The decision to buy a Christmas tree online in India is a major move.

But finding out which tree is best for your house is more difficult. After all, there are so many options on the market that are almost overwhelming. Artificial Christmas trees are a perfect complement to classics, particularly for those who are concerned with never-ending holiday to-do lists.

Although it can be a challenge to buy the right Christmas tree online in India at an affordable price (after all, we still have to buy gifts for family and friends).

Five feet Christmas Tree

  • Pop the Party Christmas Pine Tree
  • Jamboree Christmas Tree
  • Urban Festivities Artificial Combo
  • EcoTail Artificial Xmas Tree
  • Theme My Party Artificial Christmas Tree

Six feet Christmas Tree 

  • Artificial Pine Snow Christmas Tree And Decoration By Northland

Four feet Christmas Tree

  • Eco Tail Artificial Christmas Tree


  • Urban Festivities Artificial Combo
  • Toyshine Christmas Tree Celebration Combo

Top 10 Best Buy Christmas Tree Online in India

After studying the scores of available artificial trees and evaluating their cost, convenience, aesthetics, and realism, we reduced them to the 10 best artificial Christmas trees you can buy this holiday season.

If you want to buy Christmas tree online India of the best quality then you can consider our Top 10 list of Artificial Christmas Trees.  

Artificial Pine Snow Christmas Tree

1. Northland Artificial Pine Snow Christmas Tree

If there were a word to characterize this one it would certainly be… Fantastic! This 6 ft Christmas tree from the Northland brand is an eye-catching addition to any Christmas decoration room.

Talking about the materials, this Christmas tree’s blades are made of high-quality PVC material, which not only makes the tree appear more real and fuller but also gives the tree the potential to anti-crush.

A standard quality stand is often used for this Christmas tree, which gives it good stability. It will take a few minutes to assemble this tree.

If your living space is small, then this is the perfect choice for you. Its perfect size brings joy to your small living space.

In a nutshell,

  • 6ft Tall Christmas Tree
  • Blades of high-quality PVC material
  • Sturdy Base
  • Perfect size for small living space
  • Easy to Assemble

2. Pop the Party Christmas Pine Tree 5 Feet

Pop the Party Christmas Pine Tree 5 Feet

A significant part of our celebration of Christmas is the Christmas tree. Everyone will bring a Christmas tree home and make it lovely to express their awesome mood.

During the holidays, the decoration is exquisite, and it’s simple, realistic pine tree design can add a little natural flavor to your home year-round.

This Christmas pine tree of height 5 feet, from the Pop the Party brand, is beautifully constructed with metal wires and green leaves.

It consists of 3 hinged parts to allow fast assembly, reassembly, dismantling, and storage. This tree can be easily placed indoors.

In short features of Pop the Party Christmas Pine Tree –

  • The size of the pine tree is 5 feet
  • Built with metal wire and green leaves.
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easy To Store
  • Trees can be placed indoors

3. Jamboree Christmas Tree 5 Feet

Jamboree Christmas Tree 5 Feet

Spend your holiday with the luxurious Jamboree!  5 feet Christmas tree! It is very suitable for interior decoration during Christmas and can be used to decorate any room in the house.

Instead of a cheap plastic stand, this Christmas tree uses a metal stand, the iron stand will provide greater support for the Xmas tree and ensure.

Even your children can decorate the Christmas tree during Christmas. There are delicate branches and fir needles on this tree.

The branches provide enough space for your precious Christmas decorations and fairy lights. The artificial Christmas tree has no fir needles on the floor and does not require watering.

Lets us summarize the features of this tree – 

  • Iron Stand is robust and reliable
  • 5 Feet Christmas Tree
  • Solid Legs
  • Easy to assemble, disassemble, and store.
  • Full Branches and Needles

4. Toyshine Christmas Tree Celebration Combo

Toyshine Christmas Tree Celebration Combo

If you want to buy Christmas tree online India along with the decoration items and Christmas hats then this is for you.

This combination from Toyshine comes with a 3-feet Christmas tree made of the highest quality materials, 96 decorative objects-perfect Christmas decoration, And 10 Christmas Party Hats-Become a Real Santa.

The branches of the Christmas tree are very strong and you can hang bells, gift boxes, Christmas stockings, and many other Christmas decorations on them easily.

The tree is made of PVC and PE needles that are resistant to fading and compression. Children will only like these soft red hats and will bring them to anyone who wears them.

The three-legged Christmas tree is uniformly stressed, which improves the Christmas tree’s stability and is not easy to slip off.

In short,

  • 3 feet tree + 96 pieces of decoration + 10 Christmas hats free size.
  • Like a natural tree, decorate the tree with baubles or light bulbs.
  • The perfect companion to your living room.
  • Durable high-quality PVC. Non-toxic, non-irritating, strong, and durable.
  • Easy to Assemble

5. EcoTail Artificial Christmas Tree – 4 Feet Tree

EcoTail Artificial Christmas Tree - 4 Feet Tree

These beautiful and lush green Christmas trees from EcoTail are perfect for Christmas decorations. The perfect size can bring joy to your smaller living space.

It has a sturdy base, can provide greater support for the tree, and can be used for a long time.

It is easy to assemble this reusable tree; disassemble and store it for seasonal use and decorate houses; offices; even classrooms full of happiness and the atmosphere of festivals.

It needs only 3 steps to finish the assembly of this tree; after putting branches and standing together all the tree you need to do is straighten out the branches; so the tree can achieve the best effect.

Let us summarize the characteristics of this tree-

  • 4 feet tall
  • High Quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy Base
  • Perfect size brings joy to your smaller living space.

6. Urban Festivities Artificial Combo

Urban Festivities Artificial Combo

Urban Festivities launched 72 Christmas tree decorations items and Christmas trees. The tree is designed with high-quality PVC needles and a strong iron pipe stand, which can be used for several years.

If you want to buy Christmas tree online India along with Christmas Decoration items then you can consider this Artificial Combo.

The gorgeous artificial branches make the tree full-bodied. This is an eye-catching part of your room or yard. It looks better than a real tree, and its body is fluffy.

The setup is very simple, the branches are easy to fall into place, and a small amount of “adjustment” is required to produce the best results.

The leaves of the trees are made of selected materials that are not easily deformed.

In short features of Urban Festivities Artificial Combo –

  • Combo Of Christmas Tree And Christmas Decoration (72 Pieces)
  • 5ft artificial tree
  • Quick & Easy Assembly
  • High-quality PVC needles and sturdy iron pipe stand

7. EcoTail Artificial Xmas Tree

EcoTail Artificial Xmas Tree

This is another tree in our list from Eco Tail. These 5 feet beautiful and lush green Christmas trees are tall; enough for decoration space.

You can set up easily, and set up using a stand is easy. You can enjoy the feeling of a winter wonderland in your home.

It is easy to assemble this reusable tree; disassemble and store it for use season after season, and even for home decoration; offices; or even classrooms with a cheerful and prosperous festive atmosphere.

To bring joy to your smaller living spaces, it is the perfect tree size.

In brief,

  • 5 feet Christmas tree
  • Solid Plastic Legs
  • Perfect For Small Spaces
  • Easy to assemble; disassemble and store season by season for use
  • Best for use in Office, Malls, Shops, Home, Party

8. Fizzy-Tech Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

Fizzy-Tech Artificial Christmas Pine Tree

The leaves of the artificial Christmas pine tree by Fizzy-tech are made of high-quality PVC material, which not only makes the tree more realistic and stronger but also improves the stress tolerance of the tree.

It is available in 12 different variations depending on size and colors.

Christmas trees use metal stands instead of cheap plastic stands. With this design, you can easily increase the stability of the tree and protect the floor.

Setting up the tree only takes a few minutes, but please be more careful to extend the branches completely to make the tree complete.

Summarizing the features of this tree –

  • Available in 12 different variations based on color and size
  • Eco-friendly Material
  • Sturdy Base
  • Easy to Assemble

9. Theme My Party Artificial Christmas Tree

Theme My Party Artificial Christmas Tree

This 5-feet acrylic Christmas tree is intended to be mounted in homes that do not have room for a huge, bushy tree.

It’s very quick to set up this tree – just insert the pieces together, open the branches, and do a little ‘fluffing’ branch and you’re good to go!. This acrylic tree is suitable for outdoor or indoor use.

It is folded into small pieces and shipped, and then packed in a sturdy box. After receiving it, you can easily assemble a Christmas tree for a Christmas party or house.

This kind of Christmas tree is an eye-catching addition to any room during Christmas decorations.

In short,

  • 5 ft tall
  • Very easy to set up
  • Ideal for indoor or outdoor use

10. Sshakuntlay Garland Ribbon String for Xmas Tree

Sshakuntlay Garland Ribbon String for Xmas Tree

This garland from Sshakuntlay is made of durable plastic and has a realistic appearance and long-lasting appearance. This decoration and the memories left will last a long holiday and decoration.

You can easily fold them into various shapes, decorating all kinds of items, interwoven with a selection of berries, pine cones, baubles, flowers, and leaves in the garland to make it amazing as you want.

You can easily hang it above tables, walls, corridors and walls on trees, kitchen windows, doors, shop windows, doorways, fireplaces or statement mirrors, buffets, kitchen cabinets, and are also very suitable for festivals Photo props background

In a nutshell,

  • Made with a soft and durable material
  • You can fold them into different shapes easily
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor both
  • Pack of 5 garlands
  • Also suitable as a background for holiday photography props

How to Buy Christmas Tree Online in India of the Best Quality? – Buying Guide

To buy Christmas tree online India you can consider the following important factors – 


To find the best Christmas tree for your house, first, consider your space. When choosing the right artificial Christmas tree for the house, the most important consideration is the size of the tree.


Next, consider how you want the tree to look like. If you want to fake it, we suggest you “think about the appearance of the tree.”If you are searching for a realistic model that emulates a real fir tree, rather than just PVC branches, look for a tree with PE molded branch tips on the outside of the tree.

Tree fullness

The fullness of the trees is also an important factor-the more branches and leaves, the more dense and luxurious the appearance can be created. “

In this year, another popular variant of Christmas tree decoration is white, gray, and beige. They create a chic feel of extreme simplicity. Some embellishments with silver light can be used. Bright trees look great and can break any stereotypes.

How can you decorate your Christmas Tree step by step?

Having a dazzling holiday tree doesn’t take much time. All you have to do is understand how the components work together and some tips from experts in tree decoration are easy to understand.

We will show you how to decorate the Christmas tree correctly. For a family, the way of decorating together is more important than finding the perfect placement. However, these three actions will ensure that your tree is both beautiful and lovely.

1. Hang up Christmas tree lights

The first phase in the decoration of a Christmas tree is the addition of lights. Typically, a green or white brace is the light of the tree. To cover the wires, please select the harness color that corresponds to your tree. Illuminating your Christmas tree will make it look more dynamic from the inside out.

Start at the bottom of the trunk and travel upwards, wrapping each main branch around the lights, from the trunk to the tip and back. loosen the branches while operating on the tree.

2. Add Christmas tree garland

When it comes to garland decoration, there are no firm guidelines for decorating Christmas trees. Starting from the top of the tree, gradually increase the number of wreaths between each wave as you follow the branches to prevent the branches from bulging between the tightly wound wreaths.

For each vertical foot of a tree, two garlands are intended to be used. Decorating the Christmas tree with ribbons is an alternative to garlands. On a horizontal tree, loosely wrap a wide ribbon pattern ribbon around the entire tree.

To increase interest, try using similar ribbons to make big bows and then decorate branches with them. Once you know how to decorate the tree with ribbons, try to zoom in on the tree by using the ribbon vertically, creating a cascading stream of ribbons from the top of the tree to the root, stuffing the ends under the treetop, and securing the trunk at the bottom.

3. Hanging Christmas Tree Ornaments

The last step in decorating the tree is to hang Christmas ornaments. This is something to consider when adding Christmas tree decorations.

  • To display your favorite decorations, please place them in a golden position on the tree.
  • Next, hang larger decorations and arrange them evenly on the tree. Decorative balls of one color, several sizes, and textures will produce continuity from top to bottom. Hang the larger one at the bottom and the smaller ones at the top.
  • Fill the surroundings with medium and small decorations. Make sure to hang some decorations near the suitcase to add depth and interest. They reflect light and make your tree sparkle from within. Make the tree your tree by adding special items (such as handmade jewelry, clip-on jewelry, or icicles).
  • Complete the look with simple tree decorations and festive tree skirts.

As Christmas approaches, make sure to book at least one tree for the shared tree, as these trees will at least be out of stock!

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