Best Holi Decoration Ideas for School 2021

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Holi is also referred to as the festival of colors in India because people from all over the country come together to celebrate and share their feelings by coloring each other.

Holi bright colors will give you a positive and joyful day that should be celebrated in all schools with basic decorations to increase children’s knowledge.

This will help in creating a learning upbringing to expand our culture for the next generation. In this article, we’ve covered some great Holi decoration ideas for school that can inspire you and your friends to make your classrooms look better to celebrate the joy of Holi.

Top Holi Decoration Ideas for School

1. Make Floor Rangolis

Make Floor Rangolis, Holi Decoration Ideas for School 2021
Make Floor Rangolis

Rangoli making is a traditional Indian ritual performed on special occasions such as Holi, Diwali, and other festivals to beautify the floor with colourful patterns on your doorstep.

You can make beautiful Rangoli designs in your school and decorate the floor to make your corridor look unique with your own creativity.

Also, Make floor Rangolis will help you make the event more enjoyable without spending money on expensive products for Holi decoration ideas for school 2021.

Apart from that, Rangoli is quite easy to find, and you can get them from anywhere in your home to take your imagination running wild and create gorgeous designs that will show off your inner ideas.

2. Stick Art Peace’s on Bulletins

Stick Art Peace's on Bulletins, Holi Decoration Ideas for School 2021
Stick Art Peace’s on Bulletins

By hanging small pieces of artwork on the bulletins of your classroom, you can make them look beautiful with simple decorations that only take a few minutes to create.

Kids can also purchase small stickers available online to add ready-made decorations to the classroom and really change the look by choosing a nice colour that matches their decorating style.

Sticky art peace’s on the wall will help you cover up any empty space with small decorations made of paper or other recyclable material.

Plus, these art pieces are convenient enough for any school to make and distribute among children on this upcoming holly to beautify their walls.

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3. Colorful Lights for Gathering Areas

Holi Decoration Ideas for School 2021, Colorful Lights for Gathering Areas
Colorful Lights for Gathering Areas

Indians have been using colored lights to decorate their homes at festivals for over a decade, which you can do too, but in your school’s gathering areas.

Several pairs of different colored lights can brighten up your school stage and make the Holi Festival more colorful and vibrant than ever before by completely changing the atmosphere of your school.

Today’s lamps are very cheap, and you can buy them in bulk from any online store, or you can also use homemade diyas to save some money and decorate them on your Rangolis.

All you have to do is arrange them in a pattern to make the simple floor or wall look more attractive with Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green LED lights.

4. Use Bright Colour Pots for Corridors

Use Bright Colour Pots for Corridors, Holi Decoration Ideas for School 2021
Use Bright Colour Pots for Corridors

Holi decoration ideas for school hallways include cheap flower pots or plastic bottles that can be placed every few feet to make your school hallway look even better.

Little kids can bring flower pots and make them interesting by colouring the outside to turn ordinary pots into beautiful decorations for Holi.

Pots can also be made from card-board cut-outs to save money, and kids can use the help of an art teacher to create gorgeous designs that look good in the school hallway.

Teachers can also hold competitions to grab students’ attention and distribute prizes for participating in these creative activities at different festivals.

5. Attach Balloons to Entrances

Holi Decoration Ideas for School 2021, Attach Balloons to Entrances
Attach Balloons to Entrances

You can easily decorate your classroom walls with balloons, which you can buy at any local store, to add a variety of colours to a boring wall.

Just choose your favourite colour for the balloons and place them at the main entrance of your classroom or in the ceiling of the room to make them colourful and perfect for Holi.

Your wall will look great once the balloons are arranged properly in small groups that kids can play after the celebration of Holi is over.

Moreover, balloons can be paired up with wall hangings to make the decoration to the next level and make the room look prettier than ever before.

6. Put Flowers on Walls

Put Flowers on Walls,  Put Flowers on Walls
Put Flowers on Walls

A simple flower bouquet can completely change the aesthetic of your classroom as it only takes little or no money to buy it from a local flower shop around your area.

You can use flowers at your classroom entrance to brighten up the room and make it look beautiful from both outside and inside.

Even if you don’t want to spend money on flowers, they can easily be picked up from public parks, lawns, and backyards to form a circular decoration that is ideal for handing on doorsteps.

Flowers can also complement your Rangoli by making them unique from other common colored Rangoli’s to create simple floor decor designs in a specific way.

7. Cartoon Human Figures

Cartoon Human Figures, Holi Decoration Ideas For School
Cartoon Human Figures

Human Cartoon Figures are easy to make and can be a great way to enhance children’s art and creativity skills while getting unique characters in Holi decoration ideas for school.

These artworks can be made to show the importance of holly and how it became popular in India and a part of our culture.

Placing cardboard pieces in hallways and classrooms will attract students’ attention and make them feel more connected to teachers and adults of the school.

The figures can also include quotes from popular people around the world to inspire children with simple DIY projects that can be done under the supervision of a teacher.

The Baseline of Holi Decoration Ideas for School 2021

Going to school to celebrate the festival of colours with your classmates can be a great way to enjoy Holi in India. You can use this list of ideas to decorate your classroom to make the school look more festive and beautiful in an inexpensive way.

Hope you find a unique Holi school decoration idea that can inspire children to celebrate Holi in an environment-friendly way without using harmful color at this upcoming festival under the supervision of teachers.

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