Top Rated Fisher Price Busy Activity Walker India 2021

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  • This activity walker comes with the blocks, spinner, slider, and flipbook
  • Multi-color attractive design, Sit-at play and walking fun
  • With this activity walker, the child increases his self-confidence
  • Baby enjoys twice as much playing with this walker
  • Product dimensions: ‎38.48 x 38.48 x 41.48 cm, 1.72 kilograms, Manufacturer recommended age: ‎9 – 18 months
  • Fisher-Price Busy Activity Walker India 2021

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Every parent wishes that his child should start walking soon, and when the child takes the first step towards walking, there is no limit to the happiness of the parents, and they feel the joy of seeing the child walking. It is believed that a child of 12 to 15 months starts walking, but they do not know how to make balance properly, there is a possibility of falling again and again.

Activity walker has a big role in this, this activity walker makes your child learn to walk quickly, the child also starts walking soon with the help of these walkers and the chances of falling are also reduced.

And after a few days, your child starts running in front of your eyes, these moments are very precious for every parent, so in this way, the walker proves to be very helpful in taking your child’s first step.

Keeping all these features of the baby walker in mind, today we are going to do a small review of Fisher-Price Busy Activity Walker India 2021

Best features of fisher price busy activity walker India 2021

Multi-Color Design: The Company Fisher-Price has designed this walker in multi-color so that the child gets an attraction in the mind and the baby can start playing with it soon.

Sit-At Play Blocks: Fisher-Price busy activity walker comes with square, triangle, and circle blocks so that the child can play with these blocks even while sitting on the floor and you can also do other household tasks or office work.

Thinking and Skills: Some shapes have been included for sorting with this activity walker of fisher price. This creates a kind of encouragement inside the child, which shape should be fixed in which slot and the child tries to fix those shapes. By doing this the thinking skills of the child also improve.

Self-confidence: As we have known that activity walker is useful for children and the child also learns to walk by playing with it. When the child tries to walk again and again, they get confidence, a feeling of independence and the child gets a sense of convenience.

Handle support: With the help of the handle given in the walker, the child learns to stand and walk, this handle helps hold the child on the ground, and the child can walk anywhere in the whole house with the help of Walker.

By doing this, the child gets a lot of happiness and the child wants to run the walker again and again, due to all these activities, the children will soon walk on their feet.

Under The Box: The Company has included a lot with the fisher-price busy activity walker. like 3 shape blocks for sort in the fixing area, a spinner, slider, and flipbook for little hands to explore, this baby walker comes with a sturdy frame and handle, so that the baby can stand on his own with the help of the handle and try walking.

Best Age for & Dimensions: Fisher-Price busy activity walker India 2021 is designed with kids ages 9 months and above in mind. At least a 9-month-old baby can play with a walker and try to walk on his own. If we talk about its dimensions it is 38.48 x 38.48 x 41.48 cm and the weight is 1.72 kilograms.

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Are Baby Activity Walkers Beneficial for the Baby?

Experts say that the 9-month-old baby starts to move a little bit by sitting on the floor and as his age increases, the child gets up to take his first step.

At home, the child learns to stand by holding the table or other furniture, and even before 1 year of age, children start walking on their feet, push walkers are also very helpful for children to learn to walk quickly.

There is a desire in the mind of every parent to see their little one moving quickly, but it takes some time for a child to take his first step, this task can be difficult for him too. It is not a task that can be learned immediately, it sometimes takes time.

You have to take care of your child in his developing stage and give the training to walk from time to time so that he learns to walk by holding your finger, in the initial days parents have to keep an eye on their loved one. You can train your child to walk with the help of an activity walker.

Activity Walkers are beneficial for children, but you have to choose which Walker is useful for your child. There are many options available in the online market for baby walkers.

So now let’s talk about the types of baby walkers, there are many types of walkers available in the market such as walkers with bells and whistles, some walkers have toys, you will also get to see walkers with alphabet blocks and much more baby walkers will see you in the online and offline market, you can choose any of these.


You can also opt for fisher-price busy activity walker India 2021. So this was some basic information about the baby walker which can prove useful for you, whenever you want to buy an activity walker for your baby.

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