MDS Unlimited Foldable Cycle India 2021

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  • Foldable MTB Cycle for Unisex
  • Size of CYCLE 26 inch, 21 Shimano Gear System
  • Dual Suspension: Front fork and rear cylinder suspension
  • Double Disc Brake, Color Black, and Red
  • 2 years of warranty against any manufacturing defect
  • MDS Unlimited ROADY CYCLE India 2021

MDS Unlimited Foldable Cycle India 2021 | See, more cycles

MDS Unlimited is the manufacturer of cycles in India and it is also very popular in the country, today cycling has become a good ride for every age person, every person likes to do cycling, now whether it is a child or a youngster, the popularity of cycling is increasing.

Keeping all these things in mind, in this post we recommend MDS Unlimited foldable cycle which people also known as ROADY CYCLES. This is a foldable bicycle that you can also fold with the help of a liver.

Let’s know, what else is there in MDS Unlimited Foldable Bicycle India 2021

Build quality and design of the MDS ROADY cycle

If you want to buy this cycle then you can buy it from an online marketplace, you will get this cycle with 2 years warranty. After buying, if you see any manufacturing defect in the cycle, then you can take advantage of the warranty given by the company.

MDS ROADY Cycle is designed by experts and its design has been kept quite modern and muscular. If we talk about the design of the cycle, then the cycle has been designed with black and red matte finishing, which generates a lot of attraction and makes you stand out from the crowd.

Dual suspensions

MDS Unlimited Foldable Cycle is based on a modern cycle, so it has been designed keeping all the advanced technology in mind. In this cycle, you get to see front fork suspension with a 1-year warranty and rear cylinder suspension, which make your ride quite comfortable.

Size of cycle tyres

The company has also paid a lot of attention to the tyres of the bicycle so that you can get a good cycling experience even on the bad road. In this cycle you get 26* 2.125-inch tires which can give a better grip and comfortable riding experience on all types of roads, you are absolutely safe whenever you ride this cycle.

Safety first & cycle assembling

You can order MDS Unlimited Foldable Cycle online at any time, you will receive this cycle in a box that will require a skilled mechanic to assemble, inside the company box you will find a tool kit, Shimano gear, and disc brake which is very important to fit properly only then you can enjoy a safe ride.

Although the company also gives a complete guide, seeing that you can assemble the cycle at home, but still get the bicycle to assemble from a skilled bicycle mechanic, which is usually around everyone’s house.

Size of the cycle

MDS Unlimited Cycle is available to you in the size of 26 Inch, which can be operated by a person of every age very easily. Now whether it is a child, men and women all types of people can enjoy riding this cycle. The height of this cycle is 4’5 to 5.’8 ft. which is comes with the adjustable height option.

Gears & Foldable Option

The design of this cycle is quite stunning and it has been designed keeping in mind the trends of today. This MDS model comes with 21 original Shimano tourney gears so that you can get good speed in the cycle and you can enjoy a smooth ride every time.

This cycle has been kept quite handy, you can also fold the cycle, if you lack space at home, then you can fold the cycle and keep it at any corner of the house.

If you are fond of traveling and you want to keep your favorite bicycle with you, then this bicycle can be easily folded and fit in the boot of your car.

If you are fond of bicycles, then you can trust this cycle and buy the cycle with your eyes closed, this cycle will give you its full price. For more info click on the above button

6 Common Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is very much liked all over the world and in India also the practice of cycling is going on since ancient times. In India, people and children also love cycling.

It is believed that if you do cycling for at least an hour every day, then it has a very good effect on our health.

Cycling can have many benefits in our life because by cycling daily we can burn our calories, which is also very helpful in reducing obesity. In this article we will learn about cycling and what are its benefits in our life.

1. Less tiredness more fitness

Some people feel that if we do cycling every day, then we can get very tired, how will we do other work throughout the day, we will get very tired.
But it is not that cycling daily does not make you more tired, but cycling is considered a complete workout and you feel very fresh throughout the day, and even more cycling, your confidence level also flares up very fast.

2. Helpful to burn fatness and calories

There are many options to burn calories, some people go to the park and do yoga, some people like to exercise by going to the gym, similarly, cycling is also a very good option which is helpful in burning your calories, and it is also very helpful in keeping your health well.

If you are troubled by fatness, cycling is one such option that is helpful in reducing your obesity, if you do one hour of cycling every day, and then the extra fat in your body will start decreasing. If you do cycling regularly then you can see very good results and you start feeling healthy.

3. Complete cardio exercises

You should be aware that having an excessive amount of body fat can be harmful to your heart. By reducing the extra calories from the body, we can reduce the amount of excess fat.

Now it comes to burning calories, for this you can do cardio exercise, yoga, gym or you can also do cycling. According to experts, if we do cycling for one hour daily, then at least 400 to 500 calories can be reduced by cycling.

By cycling daily we can reduce our calories and excess fat. With the help of cycling, we can make our heart healthy always because cycling is a complete cardio exercise for every age group.

4. Helps to build muscles

If you do cycling regularly, then your lower body muscles, your leg muscles, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calf muscles start developing and you start feeling much stronger.
At the same time, you can be very happy in your personal life too, if you do not do cycling then start cycling from today and make your life happy by staying healthy.

5. Mental Strength and Happiness

Cycling not only develops your muscles but also improves your mental strength. While cycling, the amount of oxygen in your brain increases, due to which your ability to think, the speed of working of the brain also increases, you are also able to make quick decisions in your life.
By cycling, you are happier and your hormones also increase which we also know as happy hormones or endorphins, having more happiness means less stress and less anxiety, so cycling can bring good changes in your life.

6. Kill Boredom

Today, in 2021, the whole country is fighting an epidemic called covid-19 and if everyone is sitting at home in lockdown, then it is obvious that we may also have to face boredom.

In this way, cycling can be helpful in ending your boredom, you can fly your cycle and start exploring your city, by doing this your boredom will also go away and you will also be able to remain healthy.

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Conclusion of MDS Unlimited Foldable Cycle India 2021

So these are some of the benefits that we have tried to tell you in this article. If you do not have a bicycle and want to buy a bicycle online. So you can think about MDS Unlimited Foldable Cycle India 2021 this cycle will give you a very good cycling experience on the road.


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