Top 5 Best Baby Carry Cots for Newborn to Toddler

Top 5 Best Baby Carry Cots for Newborn to Toddler

Shoppers Guide to Buying Best Baby Carry Cot India

Travel cots take away the worry of finding a place for your baby to sleep if you often need to spend the night away from home. Some hotels will provide cots, but many people prefer to use their own, and they also come in useful when staying at a friend’s house.

R for Rabbit Picaboo Baby Carry Cot

LuvLap 4-in-1 Baby Carry Cot with Canopy

Mee Mee Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot

Goyal's 12 in 1 Musical Carry Plastic Cot

Mee Mee 5 in 1 Baby Cozy Carry Cot Cum Rocker


The Baby Carry Cot usually consists of a fabric cover fitted over a metal or plastic frame. Mesh side panels allow the baby to see out. Some Carry Cot has removable covers that make cleaning much easier.

A solid base, often segmented so it can fold away, is covered by a padded mattress. There may be wheels on the base, allowing the travel cot to be pushed around. If the design keeps the wheels on the outside when the cot is folded up, then the cot can be wheeled rather than carried.

Designed & Size

Since they are designed to be moved around, the size and weight of a baby travel cot are some of its most important features. Many Carry cots can fold down small enough to fit inside a bag. These are ideal when travelling, and particularly if they need to be carried up and down stairs. Other products fold flat but are still fairly large.

Folding cots can also be used as playpens, so they can be useful even if you are not intending to travel a lot. They tend to be smaller than dedicated playpens, but they can be moved around the house.

If you are buying from the high street, you should be able to test out a best baby carry before you buy it. There may be one on display, but if there is not then you could try asking the staff to bring one out for you. Find out how easy it really is to carry around and assemble. You may be able to find cheaper baby carrycot online, although you won’t be able to try them out.

Safety & Security

A good product should be a safe and secure place for your baby to sleep and play. There should be a central locking system to keep the sides rigid when they are unfolded. If there are wheels then make sure the baby cot will be stable when you are not moving it. There should be two wheels with two legs, or four wheels, two of which are lockable.

Top 5 Baby Carry Cot Online Review

Find a range of baby products including carry cot, baby prams, and bathtubs from leading brand names. Here we review some baby carry cots that are useful to you and give the value of money as well as you can easily buy from Amazon and Flipkart and Reliance online store.

#1: R for Rabbit Picaboo 4 in 1 Multi-Purpose Baby Carry Cot

R for Rabbit Picaboo baby carry cot


R for Rabbit’s Picaboo, the baby carry cot or car seat is designed to offer utmost comfort, softness and security to your newborn baby.

It is ECE certified for safety and softly padded side pads to give your kids the best and most comfortable first ride! It offers great benefits as mentioned


Key Features:

Safest Always 1st – this infant car seat is ECE R44/04 certified which is the most stringent certification defined by European standards for car seats.

Every minor point is considered to give the safest product to your kids for making the travel totally safe and relaxed.

  • Weight & Design – This Baby Carry Cot comes with lightweight design with side impact protection with deep softly padded side wings to give safe ride and comfort to your kids.
  • Change Multi Positions – Picaboo can be used as an infant car seat, carry cot, rocker and feeding chair as well when used in a different position;
  • Integrated Canopy – Comes with an inbuilt canopy to give the best protection to your Baby under sunlight;
  • 4 Position Handle Adjustment – Adjustable handle in 4 different positions to use Picaboo in 4 different ways. Making it a right choice for your baby!
  • Age: This carry cot best for newborn to 15 months infant;
  • Weight Limit: This product carries newborn to 13 Kgs;
  • Multi-Color: This carry cot available in multicolor like Rainbow, Black Grey, Blue Grey, Colorful;

#2: LuvLap 4-in-1 Baby Carry Cot with Canopy in Red Color

LuvLap 4-in-1 Baby Carry Cot


The LuvLap carry cot and rocker is a complete package for your kids when going for a drive with your little one.

The carry cot is both relaxed and safe for your little one and can be used in rear-facing position as well as in a forward-facing position according to the baby’s needs.


Key Features:

  • Age & Capacity: This carry cot is suitable for newborn to 15 months, weight carry capacity up-to 13 kgs;
  • Safety 1st: The 5-point safety harness is designed to hold your kids securely around the shoulders and the waist;
  • Certified as Per European Safety Standards (ECER44/04);
  • 3 Level Height & Harness Adjustment: The height of the headrest & harness can be adjusted up to 3 levels according to the height of baby;
  • Extra soft cushioned body & integrated adjustable padded seats provide additional comfort to your baby;
  • Adjustable sunlight-protection canopy we removable & washable seat cover;
  • Infant car seats require rearward facing installation;
  • Colors: Available in best colors like Red, Black, Dark Blue, Grey and Purple;

#3: Mee Mee Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot in Colour Light Blue

Mee Mee Baby Car Seat Cum Carry Cot


The Mee Mee car seat is the perfect travel option for children from zero to 18 months and weighing up to 10 kg.

It has a padded harness that comfortably revolves around your child’s shoulders and legs. This keeps your child safe and protected during the journey.

You can use this 2-in-1 car seat-less-carry cot both at home and outside. A thick cushioned seat provides cocoon-like warmth to your child. Also, it gives good back support to your baby.

Mee Mee carrycot comes with a strong handle so that you can move from one room to another in this Mee Mee carrycot.


Key Features:

  • It comes with a thick cushioned seat for batter comfort;
  • Harness Type: 3-point Safety Harness;
  • Cushion “Y” shaped belt with shoulder belt;
  • Lap seat belt for child safety;
  • Baby carry cot with rocker function;
  • Canopy has a UV protective layer that protects kids from harsh sun rays;
  • Baby car seat carry cot with thick cushioned seat and head support;
  • Net protect keeps harmful insects away;
  • Age – 6 months – 2 years;
  • Baby can enjoy the rocking motion in a reclining and sitting position;

#4: Goyal’s 12 in 1 Musical Baby Carry Cot in Brown Colour

Goyal's 12 in 1 Musical Baby Carry Cot


The Goyal’s Carry Cot is compact for easy convey, yet spacious enough for your newborn to enjoy a soft, smooth ride when you travel.

Protective and practical, it gives your kids a comfortable place to rest and sleep during all of your city adventures.

This carry cot comes with multipurpose like you can use this as a feeding chair, car seat, and swing.


Key Features:

  • Recommended for 0 Months -1 year;
  • Package Dimensions – 71 x 45 x 25.2 cm;
  • Use it as a baby chair for feeding, also can be used as a car seat;
  • Use as a swing – strings included you can easily remove the cover & use it as a bathtub also;
  • It comes with bottle holder & mosquito net to protect the child while sleeping;
  • Use it as a rocker and rotate the locks on both sides to move the handle inward or outward;
  • Use it for sitting or sleeping purpose;
  • The soft and quilted seat provides back support that is good for baby’s posture;
  • Recommended Age 0 – 1 year;
  • Bouncer with mosquito net and storage box;
  • Available in Brown color;

#5 Buy Mee Mee 5 in 1 Baby Cozy Carry Cot

Buy Mee Mee Baby Cozy Carry Cot


Discover the world with your kids, now the enjoyment is double and half the work. Mee Mee Baby Carry Cot & Rocker feature three products in one without compromise.

The ergonomically designed seat adapts to the changing needs of a growing child, ranging from a soothing stride to a carry cot, to a sturdy car seat in no time, making travel comfortable, relaxing, and safe for your kids.  


Key Features:

  • Fulfills 5 in 1 functions of the carry cot or chair;
  • Product Dimensions 39 x 67 x 50 cm;
  • Carry Cot Color – Available in five colors Beige, Blue, Dark Blue, and Pink;
  • The soft and quilted seat provides back support that is good for baby’s posture;
  • This product come in “Y” shaped and belt holds your little one firmly in the seat;
  • Easy to carry your kid in different rooms around the house and while traveling short distances;
  • The entire cover of the product is removable and can be hand and machine washed;
  • Maximum Age – Best use for newborn to 6 months;

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We say YES. The right carry coat is an amazing purchase that will make the first 3-4 months more enjoyable for you and your kids. With a carry coat, you can keep your child safe and comfortable for the first new months of life.

At the same time, you can have more convenience and freedom as a family. When purchased as part of a pushchair travel system, a carry coat becomes an even more cost-effective investment.

In this blog, we share the top 5 baby carrycot which is a bestseller and recommended by all moms.

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