6 Best Prams For Babies in India 2023

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The right pram must be chosen if you want to provide your little one with the most comfort and safety possible while traveling to India. Thank you for visiting our thorough reference on the best prams for babies in India.

Having the ideal pram may enhance the great experience of parenting. Finding the ideal pram that suits your baby’s needs becomes essential in a nation with a diverse geography and busy streets.

We’ll walk you through the best pram alternatives India has to offer in this post. Each pram we cover has been carefully chosen to offer your infant both comfort and security.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or want to improve your current stroller, our recommendations can help you make an informed choice.

Join us as we explore the baby pram marketplace and choose the ideal option for your child’s excursions.

Top picks for prams in India

In this post, we offer a carefully curated list of premium prams designed to meet the particular requirements of Indian parents and their little ones.

Whether safety, comfort, or style are more important to you, this list will help you choose wisely for your baby’s enjoyable strolls.


Lollipop Lite Baby Stroller, Pram for 0 to 3 Years, New Born

R for Rabbit

Pram for Baby with 5 Point Safety Harness, Spacious Cushioned seat

Luv Lap

Pram for Baby with 5 Point Safety Harness, Spacious Cushioned seat


Echo Stroller With Bumper Bar, Pram for boys and girls


Pram for New Born, Extra Wide, Thick Cushion seat

R for Rabbit

Pram with Auto Fold for Newborn Baby

Right Stroller

Your choice of parents will have a big impact on your parenting experience. The question “Why choose the right pram?”

Has several possible solutions. First of all, it has a direct impact on your baby’s comfort, which is essential to their wellbeing.

Whether you’re traveling through city streets or park trails, a carefully picked pram guarantees that kids will have a comfortable and safe trip.

It also makes being a parent more convenient for you with features like lots of storage, adjustable handles, and simple folding mechanisms.

Safety comes first, and the best pram will have a sturdy strap system and trustworthy brakes. Making informed decisions assures your convenience, your baby’s comfort, and their safety.

Benefits of a good pram

Prams offer numerous benefits, including:

1. Comfort for your baby: a comfortable pram ensures your baby enjoys a peaceful ride, whether you’re strolling through the park or running errands.

2. Convenience for parents: modern prams come with various features like ample storage, adjustable handles, and easy folding mechanisms, making life easier for parents.

3. Safety first: safety is paramount. A good pram should have a secure harness system, reliable brakes, and sturdy construction.

4. Versatility: Some prams are designed to adapt as your child grows, serving as a newborn bassinet and a toddler seat.

Up to what age is the pram indicated?

Newborns are supposed to utilize the baby pram. It is usually used for up to six or eight months. For the first several months, when the infant sleeps the majority of the time, they are really useful objects.

Typically, a pram is used in its place after six months of life. The baby can support his head on his own at around six months old.

It would then be time to transfer to a pram so that he could become used to the environment. The evolutionary prams, or those that transform and follow the kid as they grow, are worthy of attention.

Are there any regulations that regulate prams?

Baby products must meet strict safety standards, so it is crucial to ensure that the product complies with the law.

In addition to confirming the presence of this distinctive feature, it will also be necessary to confirm that the pram has the necessary fasteners. Of course, the braking system must be simple to use and, above all, quick.

What accessories are essential in a pram?

There is a vast choice of accessories. Your choice will be based on the requirements of each household.

Some add-ons are included with the actual stroller, while others must be bought separately.

The protective covering is one of the essentials and is perfect for dealing with bad weather. If it is water-resistant, all the better.

The rain bubble, which is a plastic covering for the entire stroller, is another essential piece of equipment.

Another item to think about is a mosquito net, particularly during the summer’s hotter days. Having a storage basket for the baby’s items in the pram is very practical.

Best Prams For Babies in India

Is a 3- or 4-wheel pram better?

In the past, prams had four wheels. However, 3-wheelers have been on the rise for some time.

Both the latter’s wheels and the actual prams are typically bigger. In these cars, the distribution is often two rear wheels and one front wheel.

The benefit of 3-wheel prams is that they are easier to control. They frequently contain a sizable bottom compartment for storing the baby’s equipment.

They are typically heavier and bulkier than standard versions, which is a drawback. In general, four-wheel strollers are more stable.

What is the purchase criteria?

It might be difficult to choose the best prams in India for your infant. There is a huge range of models, layouts, and features available. Therefore, it is important to consider a variety of aspects.

We then discuss the most important considerations to take into account while buying a pram.

  • Dimensions
  • Security
  • Wheel
  • Creased
  • Comfort

Check dimensions of pram?

One’s important to consider the size of the pram before choosing it. Check to determine if the elevator fits in your home if one has one.

Additionally, confirm if it can fit in the trunk of your car or on a public transportation. The right model for you will depend on how wide the streets are in your community.


Of course, make sure it has the necessary braking and retaining mechanisms. The infant should not be exposed to any loose or harmful components.


You can pick a stroller with three or four wheels. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.

The 3-wheel variants are easier to control, while the 4-wheel ones offer better stability.

It is advised that the wheels have many directions. It is crucial that the brakes react promptly after being applied.


When transporting a baby stroller from one area to another, the comfort will depend on how well it folds.

The ideal model would include a little fold that could be used to stow it in the trunk, for instance.

It is crucial that it be simple to do and just requires one hand. When holding the infant with the other arm, you frequently only have one free arm.


The textiles and building materials will have a big impact on the child’s comfort. Place your bets on soft, waterproof upholstery to make the infant feel at home in his crib.

It is preferable to have a detachable cover so that it may be cleaned. So, proper hygiene shall be practiced.

FAQs: Best Prams For Babies in India

Conclusion: Best Prams For Babies in India

The best prams for babies in India should be chosen carefully since it will have a big influence on both their comfort and your convenience as a parent.

We’ve seen the variety of possibilities accessible as we’ve investigated the best prams for babies in India each one created to satisfy certain wants and lifestyles.

You may confidently select the ideal stroller for your child’s excursions by putting safety, comfort, and style as your top priorities.

Parenting is a wonderful experience, and with the right stroller, you can make sure that every walk is enjoyable and secure for both you and your precious baby.