Top 8 Best Holi Gift Ideas for 2021 India

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We have been celebrating holi for centuries with vibrant colors and these colors of joy fill the lives of happiness and joy to the core of our heart. The festival of color is one of the most vibrant festivals in the Hindu religion. 

Holi is a festival where people play with colors, exchange gifts, eat sweets, spread love, and also enjoying a plate of delicious gujiyas.

So, in this blog, we have a detailed guide of all the best Holi gift ideas for 2021 India and they are really cool and you can gift to anyone. 

1. Chocolates

Chocolates, Holi Gift Ideas
Cadbury Silk Special Potli

Chocolates are one of the best gifts for all types of festivals. No matter what’s the occasion chocolates can never go out of fashion. There are a wide variety of chocolates and mouth-watering brands like Ferrero, Dairy Milk, Rocher Ferrero, and many more.

The Ferrero Rocher gives a premium and golden experience with its look and unique taste that engages your senses. Thanks to its golden wrapping and the Ferrero Rocher which makes it even more special and unique. Everyone loves eating chocolates.

You can say Happy Holi to your loved ones with the special gift of flowers and chocolates. Also, you can send it to your family and friends as an ultimate holiday gift. 

2. Dry Fruits

Green Finity Dry Fruits Combo Pack
Green Finity Dry Fruits Combo Pack

Dry foods are considered being a rich gift that you can gift to your loved ones. If you have someone Diabetic in your home, then inserted of giving chocolates and sweets-filled sugars, you can prefer dry fruits and gift packets of goodness.

Dry fruits can be given to anyone as it’s a versatile gift option. Also, dry fruit is a way to wish health to your loved ones as there are a lot of benefits and prevents diseases. So why to not gift your loved one healthy food.

You can gift the dry fruits with or without stalks, shelled, unshelled, pressed, or even un-pitted. Also, the final product can contain permitted additives according to the choice.

3. Special Holi Sweets

Special Holi Sweets, Best Holi Gift Ideas for 2021 India
Ghasitaram Gifts Holi Sweets

If your relatives and friends are a fan of sweets that gifting sweets can be a good choice either. Sweets like Gujjia and Kaju Katli are traditional sweets and liked by most of the peoples and they can be inevitably served on Holi.

You can also gift some yummy sweets like Rasgulla, Jamun, Badam Katli, and many more. Holi sweets made with so much love, also you can show off your culinary skills.

The best way of gifting these sweets is by preparing them at your home as they are quite easy to prepare and much labor is not required.

4. Pichkari and Balloons

Pichkari and Balloons , Holi Water Balloons
Holi Pichkari and Water Balloons

Every kid loves playing Holi with pichkari and Balloons as it makes the colorful festival more cheerful and unique. Water gun pichkari can store water and this will surely delight any kids.

So, if you have kids in your family or friends with no doubt you can gift pichkari and balloons, as it’s the best gift for kids.

Holi is incomplete without colors and pichkaris and bright colors because it makes everyone play with full enthusiasm. Also, you can gift to teenagers and even adults who like to likes to bring out their inner child.

As pichkaris are available in many variants from small to big sizes you don’t have to worry about it.

5. Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Decoration Material Kit

Yes, greeting cards are gifts as they are given as a reason of practical reason for expressing our positive and timely sentiments to our relatives, friends, and also our loved ones. 

It is a transfer of money without requiring compensation as a gift. Our parents send a lot of gift cards and Christmas cards to a lot of flocks and close friends.

There are also many brands and types of greeting cards available, and you can choose according to your budget. Hence, this can be the right choice as well. 

 6. Personal Care Kit

Personal Care Kit, Axe Men'S Grooming Kit
Axe Men’S Grooming Kit

A personal care kit is one of the best gifts for women and for your girlfriend. As it is important to look after your skin and hair on a daily basis. Even though you are traveling, you shouldn’t skip grooming your skin. 

There are a lot of personal products like cosmetics, skincare, soaps, shampoos, oral care, perfumes, hair care, and many more.

In order to meet the daily requirement, all these products are quite necessary. You can go with some popular brands like Dove, MamaEath, CLEAR, Eskinol, and many more. So, gifting a personal care kit is not a poor decision either. 

7. Magic Cups 

Gifts Onn Personalized Black
Gifts Onn Personalized Black Magic

Coffee Mugs have been one of the most popular gifts among youngsters. These magic cups are always a notch above normal coffee mugs, as they can change the colors and patterns depending on the contents inside the mug.

It changes the color and the picture depending upon whether you drinking a cold or hot beverage.
You can get these cups according to your choice like Harry Potter, Avenger, Game of Thrones, Cartoons and also you get in many variants. With this cup, you can make your daily cup of tea and coffee more interesting the before.

8. Home Decore 

Digital Fancy Flower Design Curtain
Polyester Digital Fancy Flower Design Curtain

The home decor has characters that can contrast the rhythm of the aesthetics of your room. Everyone loves freshness in the room and gifting home decor can be a good idea. 

There are plenty of home decor items likes table lamps, curtains, flower box, magnetic photos, 3D home decor and many more. They are quite affordable and quality pieces that they’ll love as a gift.

You can easily find all these products in an offline store, or you can even get through online. 

New Arrivals Holi Products India 2021

Conclusion of Best Holi Gift Ideas

So these are some best Holi gift ideas you can consider buying and gifting to anyone on the occasion of Holi. In my opinion, Dry fruits and special holiday sweets are some of the best gifts that everyone will like. 

Apart from the above Holi gifts ideas, you can also give a pair of Silver Pichkari and Rangoli colors. Also, there is a variety of sliver pichkaris available in many designs that you can choose accordingly.  

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