Unisex Hercules Bicycle For 12 Year Old

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+ Ideal For 12 + Years Old + Wheel Size: 26 Inches + Brake: Disc

Unisex Hercules Bicycle For 12 Year Old – Cycling is liked by people of all ages, now whether it is an adult or a child everyone loves to ride a bicycle. Children love cycling, according to experts, cycling is also beneficial for the fitness of children. Children can also take the bicycle for use in going to school.

Keeping all these things in mind, we have reviewed the top 3 best Hercules Cycle India 2022 for kids, which are also unisex and ideal bicycles for kids in the age group of 12+.

Let’s know, which are the top 3 Unisex Hercules Bicycle For 12 Year Old

1. Hercules Flunk RF 26 T Road Cycle

Hercules Flunk RF 26 T Road Cycle, Unisex Hercules bicycle for 12 year old

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We have covered the Hercules Flunk RF 26T first in this review post, let us know what features the company has included in this cycle.

Disc Brake: First of all we talk about the brakes of the bicycle, then both the front and rear tires of the bicycle have included Disc Brake which provides a secure braking experience.

Wheel Size: The Hercules flunk is a single-speed roadside bicycle that is based on modern design with a wheel size of 26 inches. Children between the ages group of 12 to 16 can ride this bicycle very comfortably.

Frame Material: The Company has used heavy steel in this cycle, which has a frame size of 17 inches. Talking about the performance of this cycle then this cycle is capable of lifting more weight and has passed all kinds of road tests.

Color: If we talk about the colors and graphics of the cycle, then you get to see the graphics of Matt Black and Orange color in this cycle. Read more about Unisex Hercules bicycle for 12 year old


  • Gives It More Comfortable While Riding
  • Value Of Money
  • Light Weight Cycle
  • Ideal for 12+ Year Olds
  • Both Side Disc Brakes


  • We will need to fit 15%

2. Hero Hercules Dynor Pro Road Cycle

Hero Hercules Dynor Pro Road Cycle, Unisex Hercules bicycle for 12 year old

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A hero cycle is very popular in India, the company conducts full testing of its products, only after the completion of all types of tests, and the company launches its product for sale in the market.

Frame Size: The Company has used 18 inches steel frame in this cycle which is quite strong. An overweight person can also ride on this bicycle

Brakes: V-type brake is used in Hercules donor pro bicycle, this brake is based on a simple braking system but provides a lot of power full braking when you apply.

Suspension: Hero Hercules Dynor pro cycle comes in a lightweight, which you can carry very easily and can fit this cycle at any place in your home or garage. As well as the company has used rigid suspension in this cycle which is quite soft and able to give you a comfortable ride.

Components: Now let’s talk about which components the company has included with this cycle such as the tool kit, reflectors, user manual, and stand, you will find it in the box of this cycle. Continue reading about Unisex Hercules Bicycle For 12 Year Old


  • Easy to assemble
  • Good paint and build quality
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable ‎road bike & mountain bike


  • Only break assembly got some issue

3. Hercules Flunk HT 26T Speed Cycle

Hercules Flunk HT 26T Speed Cycle, Unisex Hercules bicycle for 12 year old

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The Hercules Flunk HT 26T bicycle is a very popular bicycle among kids. Children are also very happy riding this cycle. Its soft suspension provides great comfort and safe riding while cycling.

Now let’s talk about this cycle and what is new

Colors: Talking about the color of the cycle, the company has designed this cycle in two color options, matt neon red, and matt victor blue. The cycle provides a stunning look in both colors.

Components: The Company has included some components in the box of bicycles such as a tool kit, night reflectors, user manual, and cycle stand. You get all these components in the box of the bicycle.

Material Type: The steel frame of 17 inches has been used for the construction of the cycle, which is quite strong and is capable of carrying maximum weight. Hercules flunk is a single-speed road cycle that you can also use for off-roading.

The Company has added the following best features to the cycle:

  • Alloy Rim – It comes with a double-wall alloy rim for a smooth and fast ride.
  • Brake Set – dual disc brakes
  • Pedal – better pedal stability
  • Seat post- adjust the height for your comfort
  • Suspension – explore any terrain – disc brakes with front suspensions


  • Good Quality Bicycle
  • Single Speed Bike with Dual Disk Brakes
  • Soft Suspension
  • Product Is Good and Value for Money
  • Better Pedal Stability


  • Disk brake needs adjustment after some time.

Benefits of Single Speed Road Cycle

Unisex Hercules Bicycle For 12 Year Old is a modern bicycle specially designed for kids who love to ride in style, coming to the dimensions of the bicycles, with a height of 5 feet 4 inches, you will buy these cycles in online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and other online portals. It is a hassle-free, single-speed bike ideal for the age group of 12+ years.

Seeing their child riding their bicycle alone across the horizon is always the fondest memory of a parent. Learning to ride a bicycle is a milestone in every child’s life, teaching them to trust their instincts and strike their own balance. Cycling instills a sense of independence in children.

Unisex Hercules Bicycle For 12 Year Old is the perfect introduction to cycling as it teaches kids the basics of balance and coordination without the need to use their legs. With a bike like this, there is no need to train the wheels or pedals.

The Hero Hercules Cycles offers many advantages over a traditional bike for kids. First, it doesn’t offer any resistance, making it super easy for young riders who are just starting to learn how to balance on their own.

Secondly, it doesn’t require tipping like a traditional bicycle, which means kids, can ride a bicycle at any time, without worrying about falling. Lastly, these bikes are usually cheaper than others.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bike

You need to start looking for bikes when your child has successfully learned to walk, but the moment they start toddling away all by themselves, it is wise to start looking for bikes for them.

Let’s take a look at a few tips to choose the best bike for your child.

  • One-year-old and under – If you can find the best three-wheeler that fits under your child’s weight, then this is a good choice, but, just to be safe, check if they can ride.
  • One year to three years – The best bicycle for this age is an old-fashioned two-wheeler since your child is able to ride on two wheels.
  • Four to six years – As your child grows taller, he or she will gradually have a hard time on this bike as the wheels are getting too big for him or her.

How to Teach Your Child How To Ride A Bicycle

Unisex Hercules bicycle for 12 year old

Learning to ride a bike is the only ‘childhood activity’ on this planet that may require a person to fall several times. A child’s independence isn’t ensured without the ride, and your child will soon learn that they can make mistakes and face the consequences.

Adults advise their children to follow a specific process before mastering this trick. However, your little boy or girl will understand what is important to them after they have already achieved it.

From learning to balance to developing confidence, there are many steps involved in teaching a child to ride a bicycle. Here are the best strategies to ensure that your child becomes a master bike rider in no time.

Safety Tips for Riding a Bicycle

Learning how to ride a bicycle is a lesson in itself, however, it isn’t always safe to take kids out without proper training. This is why a child needs to be equipped with the right gear.

The most important thing to keep in mind is safety, which is why it is very important to choose a bike that fits the specific needs of the kid. Kids need to be aware of their surroundings and be able to react to sudden situations.

It is better for a kid to be on a bike that is larger and heavier, which will make the bike safer to ride, and in turn, quicker in movement. It is also very important to choose a bike that is safe for a kid to ride, which means choosing a bike that has a child’s appropriate pedal size.

Conclusion of Hercules Bicycle For 12 Year Old

Whether you’re buying your kids a scooter or a bicycle, you should invest in an American-made model. These bicycle models are lightweight and provide solid acceleration to get them off the ground. Many companies sell kits for assembling your bicycle, which is a great option for kids.

Improving designs such as the toy bike, the bicycle instills in children an appreciation for engineering and technology, encouraging an interest in science, technology, and mathematics.

Having included the list of the top 3 Unisex Hercules bicycle for 12 year old in this article, you can choose any of these cycles for your loved one. All three cycles are road bikes, it is also safe and secure for your kids. All the product buy link of the cycle has been attached which will land you on the product page.

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