When is A Right Age To Introduce A Walker To Baby?

When is A Right Age To Introduce A Walker To Baby?

A lot of mothers want to know about when is the right time to use a walker for your baby to start or to learn to walk for a baby to walk he or she must be developmentally ready the brain should be mature enough to send out the signals to the muscles of the legs.

And the coordination centers for being able to stand up and walk a lot of mothers want to place the baby in a walker early by the time they say 6 to 8 months but what I would tell you is that placing a baby in a walker.

Baby Walker Age

So early is actually placing your baby in jeopardy because your baby is seeing something new trying to walk in something new and probably will start running so at the end of this what would happen is that because there is no balances yet the baby tends to topple over and could injure himself or herself the other thing which could happen once you place.

A baby in a walker is that the gait of the baby could be affected there could be a very broad-based gait that’s because of the position that the baby is placed in the walker and that tends to become the habit so personally I recommend that you start using a walker once your baby is ready to stand up holding furniture taking a few steps which would not happen.

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